We’re gearing up for the holiday season in our house.  We’ve got the turkey and all the fixin’s for a great feast.  Even though we said we weren’t going to make a big meal, it just kind of ends up that way because we have to have the corn cassarole and the bread and the stuffing and the pies etc etc.   But that’s OK because I just want Brighton to remember these dinners and these special days at home.  

So tonight I tried my hand at making goat cheese.   Yep, you read right.  Goat Cheese.  My friends Dave and Joyce raise milk goats and were generous enough to share two quarts with me.  So I went online and got some recipes and instruction and voila!  I now have goat cheese curing in my fridge.  I added just some olive oil, salt and pepper.  I’m hoping it will be great!  I have another quart in the fridge waiting for a second batch.
I thought it would be great for Brighton to watch and “help” but he didn’t get much enjoyment from the process but eventually he will.  I’m also going to buy a spinning wheel from a friend of mine.  Complete with a niddy notty and roving and cards and basically everything I would need.  It’s my hope to learn some of these traditional crafts so that I can show Brighton that things don’t always just come off the shelf at Target or Walmart.  I’ve always wanted to learn the “simple” way of doing things.  For some reason I feel like it’s part of a good foundation.  And I want to pass that on.
My next adventure is making butter…

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