A Blogworthy Moment

Ok so Andrew is right, I haven’t been blogging lately.  There have been hundreds of time when while in the moment, I think to myself “this is a blogworthy moment!” or when I get that pang of sadness when Brighton does something that makes him seem like such a little boy and I realize he’s not a baby anymore.  But usually those moments are followed by oh I don’t know, a supreme meltdown of epic proportions or I realize that I’ve forgotten to pick up milk from the store, or whatever.  You get the idea.  It seems my life is like one big race.  Racing from running here and there getting these things done then rushing home to get my son in bed before 4 pm for his nap.  

In addition, my online business simplysilly.etsy.com has been doing really pretty well.  I don’t sell near as
 much as some people on etsy but I keep a pretty steady stream and as soon as I get a new one up or finished, I sell one.  I’m also making them for christmas presents too, so that’s taking a big chunk out of mty time.  Which is great, I’m not complaining!  But it’s keeping me busy.  
Anyway, I thought I’d blog about a blogworthy moment we had this morning.  We finished breakfast and went to brush our teeth.   Brighton decided he wanted to go potty on his potty.  As to not discourage him, I said “OK!”  And we took his pants and diaper off.  First he wouldn’t sit on his potty chair (it was probably cold…) then he finally sat.  I attempted to show him how we push his “penis” down under the guard.  Of course, at this he laughed and laughed and laughed. 
“I’m done” he says.  
“Ok, let’s go put a new diaper on”
“new diaper?”
“Yep, new diaper.  Let’s pull your pants up.”
“Pants on?”
“Yep!  Pants on.  Now lets go to your room.”
We pull up his pants and he starts to giggle uncontrollably.  Which of course gets me giggling.   I know why he’s laughing.  And this may be too personal for most people but he’s just a little boy learning about his body.  So here goes.  He’s laughing because anytime anything other than a diaper touches his penis he giggles uncontrollably.  
“My penis is in there” giggle giggle giggle…
“Yes, it is, so lets go to your bedroom quickly before you wet your pants”
“HAHHAHAHAHA My peeeeeeenissss”
“OMG,” I think to myself.  “Is this normal?  At least he’s not calling it his “wacker” like daddy taught him to.”  

So giggling all the while we walk to his bedroom, which takes him decidedly longer to get to because he has no diaper on and is laughing the entire way while exclaiming “My penis is in there!”
We try to be good parents, we really do.  We lose our patience sometimes and let him have things he shouldn’t sometimes, but when it comes to these important things, like being honest and not prudish about his body, I sure hope we’re doing the right thing.   One thing I don’t want for my son is for him to feel uncomfortable in his own skin or be ashamed of any part of his body.   But there’s a fine line between teaching him to be comfortable and creating a potential streaker…I hope we haven’t crossed that line…YIKES!

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