Pantakes Mom?

We all know I’m a sucker for a cute face, but when it comes to my doe-eyed little boy I’m more like the supreme pushover.  The other day while dad was away and right before supper, Brighton, sitting on dad’s chair, turned to me over the arm, blinked his eye and said “Can I have a pantake please mommy?”  He had asked me this same question about 3 times before to which I answered “No honey, we’re waiting for daddy to come home so we can have supper together,” (our new house rule).  But for some reason, at this, my heart sank, I smiled and said “Sure honey, you can have a pantake.”

WHA~?  What happened there?  Did he hypnotize me?  I didn’t see him swinging any kind of pendulum but he must have because I can’t think of any other reason for me to become so overwhelmed with the sweetness of his voice and his big doey eyes and long eyelashes.  
Speaking of that, he did the same thing to me lastnight on the way home.  I looked back to see how he was doing.  A few times, I caught him nodding off then the next time I looked, he was awake again.  I thought for sure I was in for it.  Usually when this happens he’s a royal grouch.  But not yesterday.  Instead, he looked up at me and smiled his great big grin accentuating his dimples, and I melted.  
“Shoes off!” 
“Um, ok.  We’re almost home…can’t you wait?  You can’t kick the snow then?”
“Shoes off!”
“Ok.”  So I defied my car insurance company and reached my right hand behind the seat and removed his shoes (they’re velcro, so it wasn’t that hard…)
“Socks off!”
“Socks too?  Really?”
“Socks off!”
“But your piggies will get cold!”
“Ok…”  I reach back and pull off his socks.  I look back at him and he’s smiling again, dimples shining on his face like the north star. 
“Piggies mommy!  Do piggies!”
“No honey, not while I’m driving.”
“Piggies to Tarbuts”
“oh ok….This little piggie went to starbucks…”
After doing both feet, I finally turned my full attention to the road.  The next time I looked back, he was sleeping soundly.

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