Mass Hysteria

MASS HYSTERIAfull-moon-by-crudity

The amount of solar radiation we receive, which is determined by the sunspot cycle, may have profound historical significance. Soviet professor A. C. Tchyivsky has correlated the eleven-year cycle with what he calls a worldwide “mass excitement cycle”. He found that throughout history events such as wars, migrations, crusades, uprisings, and revolutions have clustered around peak sunspot periods. In the three years surrounding these peaks 60 percent of such events occurred, while only 5 percent occurred in the troughs. It would appear that tides govern the affairs of nations as well as individuals.

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Yeah, that pretty much describes this past week in the life of Brighton.  It started on Friday (we had a wake to go to that night), no nap, uncooperative.  Saturday, pretty good in the AM (during the funeral thank goodness), but again, no nap, until the car ride home, then upon waking from his nap, the bear returned.  All week long, he was difficult, not only with us, but he got in trouble all three days he was at preschool.  WHA?  Finally, yesterday, my husband reminded me that it was a full moon last week…his aunt mentioned that all her patients were difficult as well.  Huh.  I really don’t think this is a strange coincidence…do you?

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