Is NOTHING Sacred?

I must start this \”rant\” by saying that I worked at Starbucks for a brief stint a couple of years ago.  I think…9 months?  Anyway, prior to that, I was a fervent Starbucks customer.  So I take things like I am about to write, very personally…

It's not what it seems..

It's not what it seems..

Why oh why does Starbucks now have STICKERS for the drink labels?  Perhaps it\’s just through the drive through, but still, it takes my Starbucks experience and turns it one step closer to a McDonalds drive through.  Seriously though.  In this economy, in this place and time, a sticker A STICKER on the outside of my $4 drink is so not appropriate.  All I can think of is \”Is it so freaking HARD to write on the side of the cups now a days?  I mean, how much are these stickers costing?  Along with ink and the printer?!  Aren\’t Sharpee\’s so much cheaper?  Are the Starbucks employees getting dumbed down?\”

Please Starbucks, if by some weird and crazy circumstance you read this post, please PLEASE ditch the stickers…Part of the whole Starbucks Identity and Character are wrapped up in an illegible series of black tick marks and hyroglyphics along the spine of my cup.


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