HA-NAH! At least I think that’s what they were saying?

Tonight was Brighton’s trial night of his Tang Soo Do class.  It’s a mixed martial arts class for toddlers age 3 & 4.  A mix of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese martial arts.  All the other kids were in their “Gi” and little Brighton was in his gap pants and a tee shirt!  Anyway, being my son, he immediately introduced himself to the Instructor, Mr Swanson.  Then proceeded to answer all of his questions with straight forward answers.  Then he ran around the studio like a mad man until the other kids came for the instruction.  I have to say, Mr. Swanson was absolutely fantastic with the kids.  He never got angry or irritated, but gently-but firmly nudged them where they were supposed to go.  I also liked the idea of giving respect to the teacher “YES SIR!” and bowing before they stepped on the mat.  Of course, Brighton didn’t do that…but hopefully he’ll get it eventually.  Look for photos on Flickr!!


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