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Short Order Cook

While making Brighton’s and my breakfast this morning, Brighton and Emme had a little conversation.

Brighton:  Emme, if you want to order something, you tell me, I’ll tell Mom.

Emme:  Gooooooooowooooooo

Me:  Did she order something?

Brighton:  She wants boobies.

Me:  Well, OK!


It’s going to be a fun day 🙂


They’re in Cahoots I Tell Ya. CAHOOTS!

Let me set a little scenario for you:

STORM:  blowing, raining, hailing, thunder, lightening, BooM, crash, etc etc.

WEATHER MAN: The storm should be hitting Mechanicsville around 9:20, Stanwood 9:25…blah blah blah.  Severe thunderstorm, tornado watch (you get the idea…basically, get the hell to the basement)

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Cumulus Clouds

I knew I had turned the corner to adult hood when I could no longer see shapes in the clouds.

I remember as a child, laying on the ground, gazing up at a robins egg blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds.  I would see dogs and cats and witches and dragons.  I would watch as they danced and floated and disappeared right before my eyes.  Then another new shape would come into view just as the old one was disappearing.   I could lay there for hours pointing out new shapes and figures and scenes, and I did.  Often.

I had all but forgotten about this fantastical time in my life.  I remember back at that time, and it seemed magical, almost like a connection between the universe and little me.  “See what I can make?  I know you’re there!”  it was saying to me.  And I responded with giggles and pointed stares.

Then I got older, and I suppose more cynical.   I had all but forgotten about this lovely time until my son was old enough to know how to point out shapes in the clouds.  I realized I could no longer see shapes in the clouds.  I felt an odd, deep, gloomy warmth in the pit of my stomach.  Trying to remember how I saw them, what I did to pick them out, trying to remember…seeing them.  Brighton would pick out this shape or that, and sure, I could see them as he picked them out…sort of…but not like before.  Before they literally jumped out of the sky at me like a 3D movie.  But not anymore, they were a faint blurr of white and blue.

Today as I was driving home, on a beautiful fall day like those that have blessed Iowa all summer long, and I looked up into the sky, and I saw a dragon with a curled nose and an open mouth ready to spew fire on any cloud in his wake.  Then I saw a running puppy, seeming to run after the dragon.  Then just below, I saw an alligator complete with a mouth full of teeth.  And I smiled.

I know I’m older, and more cynical, but at least I know that I still have enough of a child’s imagination to see images in clouds so I can share this with my son and my baby on the way.

A Melting Pot (No Pun Intended)

Today, Brighton, Andrew and I attended a multi-culteral wedding in Iowa City.  A friend of ours, Claudio, who is an Argentinian Jew married a Chinese woman that he met Salsa Dancing here in Iowa…talk about meant to be.  It was in the Agudas Achim Congregation in Iowa City with Rabbi Jeff Portman.  Let me preface this by saying that I love Jewish Weddings.  The tradition, the music, the laughter, it’s all wonderful.   To top it off, the weather was perfect, there were many different cultures there, Chinese, Japanese, African, Polish, North American, Argentinian, and a few I’m not sure of.  But we were honoured that Claudio and his new wife (I’m sorry, I haven’t mastered how to spell her name but it’s pronounced Shou-way) invited us to be part of their special day.

The thing that always gets me is that no matter what the language, kids can always play toghether and enjoy each other’s company.  During the outdoor wedding, Brighton eventually got bored, as did a couple of other kids, and he ended up playing with a Polish boy and a Chinese girl.  The other two spoke English, but it didn’t matter.  They played so wonderfully and added to the music of the wedding.

That said…

After the beautiful service and the romanticisim of the day, we went to the Memorial Union in Iowa City for the reception at the River Walk Cafe.  Started out wonderful.  Brighton was his usual charming self, first making the older couple sitting at our table laugh with delight.  Then we were joined by a young couple from Chicago.  If I didn’t know better, I’d think she was Jennifer Garner.  She looked JUST like her.  And Brighton was smitten.  Then he started to get bored, and tired, and got a little obnoxious but nothing I couldn’t handle.  He munched on fantastic cheeses, crackers and an abundance of fresh fruits.  Until he had to go wash his hands.  So off we went to the bathroom.  FF about 20 minutes.  Brighton came back to the table, (before dinner) and exclaimed to everyone at the table (keep in mind, this is a very academic group, very intelligent, very refined) “I POOPED” He said!  YAY he pooped…indeed he did.   However, I hadn’t planned on him letting everyone at the table adn the next know about it. Earlier he had giggled about the fact that he “farted” and it took a while to talk him down from the hilarity it apparently yielded.

So the lesson learned here is humility.  It doesn’t matter if someone lives in the world of academia or in a small rural town in Iowa.  Kids are kids.  There is no such thing as “behind closed doors.”  What we do and how we are at home is going to be reflected in the other parts of our lives.  Which isn’t a bad thing.  I’ve always figured that as a mom, I’m not going to attach certain stigmas to normal bodily functions or his body period.  Everyone poops is what we’ve always told him.  We’ve never explained the difference between “Polite” company and “casual” company.  We’ve never had the opportunity.  But we are a ferreal family and he should be proud of who he is.  I just wish he’d be a little more discreet at weddings….

Worst Toy Award

And by “Worst Toy” I mean one that gives mom and dad the biggest headache (at least THIS week.) The Bubble Tummy Bubble Blower is my pick for worst toy this week. Not that I have a weekly post on my least favorite toy, but I certainly could. Let me tell you why.

Cute little rabid buggar

Cute little rabid buggar

This cute little bubble blower draws you in with it’s sale price of $8 (normally $9.99) which in my opinion isn’t much of a sale, but I do know they don’t get cheaper than that. Then the next thing to suck you in (other than your child’s constant requests for it) is the cute little face and little clear bubble belly. “Ok” you say. “What the heck,” you say. “It’ll be fun out on the deck or in the park,” you say…Well the first time you purchase it, you take the 30 minutes to take it out of the box all the while littering your kitchen with bits of torn cardboard, wire, teeny magnetic screws, and plastic bits. Insert 2 AA batteries that cost almost as much as the toy itself, fill the cuteBAAAARABID little bugger up with the bubble solution which is much more difficult than it sounds, follow the fairly complicated instructions (for a bubble machine anyway) and VOILA! Nothing. Nada. Not a bubble. But plenty of mess, what with all the bubble drool and froth protruding from the mouth.

Then you return it to the store that you got it from, get another, follow the same steps as above, this time succeeding in the bubble blowing task. YAY. Except that the cute little bubble bellied puppy now looks more like a cute little foaming at the mouth rabid dog as you sweet talk “oh so cute little puppy wuppy!!!” it lobs your index finger off and you have to go through a series of painful and time consuming rabies vaccinations…

The end.

Busier than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs

Yep, that’s explained our last couple of weeks. I’ve finally gotten to sit and relax the last couple of nights. Andrew’s been busy laying tile in the house and I’ve been busy working odd schedules and running the boy hither and tither. Not to mention a 12 hour in one day trip to get my niece in Council Bluffs. I managed to stop at the Apple Store in Des Moines on the way as well as The Edge Pro where I get my shears, blades, and dryers repaired-and also buy new. I don’t konw how I did it but by the time it was all said and done, I spent over $500 between the two places…wha?

Anyway, there’s not a lot left to do on the house now. Andrew is working diligently on the floors and today I hope to finish painting Brighton’s room and then help Andrew with the tile (begrudgingly…I despise tiling…) so he can start on the bamboo flooring either today or tomorrow.

Things are really coming together now in the new house and we couldn’t be more thrilled! I’ll post more pictures as we get them. In the meantime you can see some at

HA-NAH! At least I think that’s what they were saying?

Tonight was Brighton’s trial night of his Tang Soo Do class.  It’s a mixed martial arts class for toddlers age 3 & 4.  A mix of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese martial arts.  All the other kids were in their “Gi” and little Brighton was in his gap pants and a tee shirt!  Anyway, being my son, he immediately introduced himself to the Instructor, Mr Swanson.  Then proceeded to answer all of his questions with straight forward answers.  Then he ran around the studio like a mad man until the other kids came for the instruction.  I have to say, Mr. Swanson was absolutely fantastic with the kids.  He never got angry or irritated, but gently-but firmly nudged them where they were supposed to go.  I also liked the idea of giving respect to the teacher “YES SIR!” and bowing before they stepped on the mat.  Of course, Brighton didn’t do that…but hopefully he’ll get it eventually.  Look for photos on Flickr!!