Is NOTHING Sacred?

I must start this \”rant\” by saying that I worked at Starbucks for a brief stint a couple of years ago.  I think…9 months?  Anyway, prior to that, I was a fervent Starbucks customer.  So I take things like I am about to write, very personally…

It's not what it seems..

It's not what it seems..

Why oh why does Starbucks now have STICKERS for the drink labels?  Perhaps it\’s just through the drive through, but still, it takes my Starbucks experience and turns it one step closer to a McDonalds drive through.  Seriously though.  In this economy, in this place and time, a sticker A STICKER on the outside of my $4 drink is so not appropriate.  All I can think of is \”Is it so freaking HARD to write on the side of the cups now a days?  I mean, how much are these stickers costing?  Along with ink and the printer?!  Aren\’t Sharpee\’s so much cheaper?  Are the Starbucks employees getting dumbed down?\”

Please Starbucks, if by some weird and crazy circumstance you read this post, please PLEASE ditch the stickers…Part of the whole Starbucks Identity and Character are wrapped up in an illegible series of black tick marks and hyroglyphics along the spine of my cup.


The Blog has Moved

For the time being, this blog has been moved to  I originally used blogger (which I actually prefer…) but then when I switched to a MAC, blogger was no longer compatible, so I switched the blog to wordpress.  As well, the new blog has taken a bit of a turn in content.  I’ve started to blog not just about Brighton but also about the family.  I’m hoping to link the two blogs in the near future so it will be a seamless transition between the two, but until then, please visit From an Acorn Small

Thanks for following Brighton’s blog for so long!!!

Is Mercury in Retrograde or Something?

Cripes.  I feel like I’m wading through bad energy (at the risk of sounding like a mystic hippie) for the last couple of weeks.  Ever since the full moon, work has been crazy, my son has been abominable, everyone has been sick, my car broke down (something with the transmission I think) tonight for the first time since I’ve had it, our bunny Jerry has ringworm…RINGWORM! (just so you know, it’s a fungus, not a worm, and it’s very common in rabbits,) every news station keeps reminding us just HOW in the toilet our economy is (which includes Andrew and my investments … i won’t even go into how much money we’ve lost…) it’s just like oozing bad chi all over the place lately.   No matter how many times we watch Horton hears a who and his cheery and silly antics, we just can’t shake this bad feeling.  So far, the house is going great, we’re only 6700 over budget (and that’s our budget, we’ve got some fluff added in.  It’s finally coming along.

There are cute moments with our son too, like for instance this morning, (which FYI wasn’t cute this morning…) when Brighton woke up and I asked him several times if his eyes itched (because he kept fussing with them.)  Finally he said “NO!” so I let it be.  Then while in the car on the way to preschool, he started fussing again, so I asked him again and he said “MOOOOM!!  DON’T TALK TO ME!!!” Which means he’s sick of me asking a question he doesn’t want to answer…then he says to me, “Turn the music up loud so I can’t hear you!”  After the inital shock of that mouthy comment, I explained to him how that was not a nice thing to say.  He didn’t seem to care much.

We’re enrolling him in Tang Soo Do classes hopefully this summer.  Maybe those guys can teach him some manners!!!  We sure can’t do it!

Mass Hysteria

MASS HYSTERIAfull-moon-by-crudity

The amount of solar radiation we receive, which is determined by the sunspot cycle, may have profound historical significance. Soviet professor A. C. Tchyivsky has correlated the eleven-year cycle with what he calls a worldwide “mass excitement cycle”. He found that throughout history events such as wars, migrations, crusades, uprisings, and revolutions have clustered around peak sunspot periods. In the three years surrounding these peaks 60 percent of such events occurred, while only 5 percent occurred in the troughs. It would appear that tides govern the affairs of nations as well as individuals.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Yeah, that pretty much describes this past week in the life of Brighton.  It started on Friday (we had a wake to go to that night), no nap, uncooperative.  Saturday, pretty good in the AM (during the funeral thank goodness), but again, no nap, until the car ride home, then upon waking from his nap, the bear returned.  All week long, he was difficult, not only with us, but he got in trouble all three days he was at preschool.  WHA?  Finally, yesterday, my husband reminded me that it was a full moon last week…his aunt mentioned that all her patients were difficult as well.  Huh.  I really don’t think this is a strange coincidence…do you?

Want to read more? Click Here.

There Are No Secrets

oh-noooooI am learning the hard way that there are no secrets when you have a three year old running around the house.  Now, I’ll preface this with two things.  1. This post is going to be of a somewhat personal nature.  If you’re not comfortable thinking of us this way, stop reading now.  I’ll wait………and 2. Our family is very open with Brighton about bodies.  One thing I never want for Brighton is for him to be ashamed of his body like I always was when I was young.  And given that Brighton was breast fed until he was 18 months old, so pretty much nothing is off limits for me.

OK so here goes.  Remember, personal nature.  So I get a message on my phone this afternoon on the way to the grocery store after work.  It’s from Brighton’s “pre school” teacher (I use quotes because it’s a home pre school so things are very much more laid back) telling me that she has a funny story to tell me about what Brighton thinks of my chest…giggle giggle.  And so I hold off on calling Mary back to find out just what Brighton told everyone about my chest, as the scenarios run through my mind like a bad home made movie.   “Oh God, does he remember that awful Ameda electric breast pump and when I would sit with it hooked up like a milk cow?”  “Oh gosh, lastnight he was patting my right boob like a baby’s bottom…did he tell them that?”  What could it be?

While I’m lost in my grocery shopping, I forget all about “the boob” incidents flooding my mind.  I happily walk into Mary’s Playhouse and Mary cheerily announces to me that Brighton told the following story to his preschool class on the way home from the Children’s Museum today.  I’ll try to recant this story to the best of my ability.  Not having been there, of course, it is not verbatum.  But you will get the idea:

Ellie: “My brother runs around the house naked!  I can’t wait ’till I’m older and I can do that!”  (Ellie is 3 also)

Brighton: “When my mom jumps up and down her boobies go up”


awkward silence.  Mary can barely unbuckle one of the other kids from his carseat for laughing hysterically…

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


I know that I have a talent for the gab, but I didn’t know that my son had inherited it.  Until tonight.  So I’ll lay out the scene for you.  I had a sort of difficult day at work – I go to pick him up, and he’s outside playing so I chat for a little while with the moms on the block (hey, a new band?)  Anyway, so he comes up to me and says:

“Mom, I want to go home.”

“Ok,” I say, and we hop into the car.

As I’m buckling him in, he says:

“I’m still thirsty, I want some nice hot chocolate.”

“Can’t we get you nice hot chocolate when we get home?”

“No, I want it from the coffee store…”

So what am I supposed to do?  I mean, I created this monster and gave him the exquisite taste that he has…

“Ok, but we’re going to Starbucks” (Because I have a coupon for a free drink and their kids’ hot chocolate – scuse me…NICE WARM chocolate – is only $1.10)

So we drive from North Liberty to the Starbucks on the strip in Coralville.  A good 15 minutes I’d say…

Not 10 minutes after he starts drinking his Starbucks “nice warm chocolate,” is he jabbering like he’s just injested 700 mg of caffeine (FYI, a 1 oz espresso shot has 75 mg and a 8 oz cup of coffee has around 100) blabbity blabbity blabbity…

“Mom, Ellie didn’t do this right.  I do the smurf kick right Ellie didn’t do the smurf kick right.  Mom, is daddy at home? Mom, we have new windows! Mom, we got to choose centers today.  I did kitchen!  Mom, I see two reds!  Just like your car!  Mom, I see three greens!  Green says go.  Red says stop.  Yellow says get ready to stop! Mom, a red car just like yours!  Two red cars!  Mom!  You’re favorite color!  Green is my favorite color.  Mom, Jerry is our BEST.  Joey is our BEST.  Feebee is our Best!  And Jerry.  And Guinness.  And Jerry is our BEST.  And he is yours and mine and ours and mine. …………………………………..”

And it didn’t end there…

All night long, I was spared the “MOM!” but Dad was tortured with “DAAAAAAAD!”  and “I’m HIDING!” (where he puts all four blankets in Andrew’s lap and dives between his legs into the blankets upside down…which is VERY annoying BTW…) “Find me!  Daaaaaad….cover me up!  Daaaaaaaad…you can’t find me!  Feeebbeeee find me!   Joey joey joey joey joey joey joey joey…Moooooom find me!!  *giggle giggle*  Ahhhh I’m stuck!! Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaad I’m stuck!!!  Daaaaaaaaaad get me out of here!! I’m stuck!!!!!!! Daaaaaaaaaaaad!!! Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!”  …….

Finally Andrew lost it.  “Will you just shut up already!?”

“Dad, that wasn’t nice”

“Brighton, what do you want!”

I tuned out at this point.  But about 10 minutes later, as Andrew is trying to tell me something, we hear Brighotn:  Brighton:  “Daaaaaaaaaaaaad!”

Andrew:  “Stop saying my name!”


HAHAHA!!  What a nice way to end your day.  Laughing.

That’s a Wrap

First of all, thanks to everyone who helped us with the poll!! After having our families and friends come over and actually SEE the space and express their opinions, it was decided that the space is indeed big enough for a table and the peninsula.  They all had some great ideas to change the kitchen around all together, but unfortunately, those things can’t really be changed at this point.  So with Brighton’s tie breaking vote, we are going to do design #3 with a few minor changes.  Incase you missed it, here are the photos 🙂