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A Melting Pot (No Pun Intended)

Today, Brighton, Andrew and I attended a multi-culteral wedding in Iowa City.  A friend of ours, Claudio, who is an Argentinian Jew married a Chinese woman that he met Salsa Dancing here in Iowa…talk about meant to be.  It was in the Agudas Achim Congregation in Iowa City with Rabbi Jeff Portman.  Let me preface this by saying that I love Jewish Weddings.  The tradition, the music, the laughter, it’s all wonderful.   To top it off, the weather was perfect, there were many different cultures there, Chinese, Japanese, African, Polish, North American, Argentinian, and a few I’m not sure of.  But we were honoured that Claudio and his new wife (I’m sorry, I haven’t mastered how to spell her name but it’s pronounced Shou-way) invited us to be part of their special day.

The thing that always gets me is that no matter what the language, kids can always play toghether and enjoy each other’s company.  During the outdoor wedding, Brighton eventually got bored, as did a couple of other kids, and he ended up playing with a Polish boy and a Chinese girl.  The other two spoke English, but it didn’t matter.  They played so wonderfully and added to the music of the wedding.

That said…

After the beautiful service and the romanticisim of the day, we went to the Memorial Union in Iowa City for the reception at the River Walk Cafe.  Started out wonderful.  Brighton was his usual charming self, first making the older couple sitting at our table laugh with delight.  Then we were joined by a young couple from Chicago.  If I didn’t know better, I’d think she was Jennifer Garner.  She looked JUST like her.  And Brighton was smitten.  Then he started to get bored, and tired, and got a little obnoxious but nothing I couldn’t handle.  He munched on fantastic cheeses, crackers and an abundance of fresh fruits.  Until he had to go wash his hands.  So off we went to the bathroom.  FF about 20 minutes.  Brighton came back to the table, (before dinner) and exclaimed to everyone at the table (keep in mind, this is a very academic group, very intelligent, very refined) “I POOPED” He said!  YAY he pooped…indeed he did.   However, I hadn’t planned on him letting everyone at the table adn the next know about it. Earlier he had giggled about the fact that he “farted” and it took a while to talk him down from the hilarity it apparently yielded.

So the lesson learned here is humility.  It doesn’t matter if someone lives in the world of academia or in a small rural town in Iowa.  Kids are kids.  There is no such thing as “behind closed doors.”  What we do and how we are at home is going to be reflected in the other parts of our lives.  Which isn’t a bad thing.  I’ve always figured that as a mom, I’m not going to attach certain stigmas to normal bodily functions or his body period.  Everyone poops is what we’ve always told him.  We’ve never explained the difference between “Polite” company and “casual” company.  We’ve never had the opportunity.  But we are a ferreal family and he should be proud of who he is.  I just wish he’d be a little more discreet at weddings….