A Romantic Orchard View

The little cub and I decided to take a trip to the orchard yesterday to get some pumpkins and some apples before the weather changed again (it was in the 50’s and sunny). You know when you have a grandios idea in your head of something you intend to do? You know, a romantic vision? I had one of those of Brighton’s and my visit to the orchard yesterday. I envisioned us taking the wagon down to the pumpkin patch, picking out the very most perfect pumpkins (I know – grammatical error on purpose) then walking up to the kind of apple we sampled in the store and picking them from a beautiful green leafed apple full tree.

Here’s what really happened.

As we were getting ready to go, I put Brighton in his carseat, let the dogs out one last time to go potty so I didn’t have any unexpected visitors (namely poop) in the living room when I got home. Feebee took off and ran into the field – three lots down. After screaming and cursing my fool head off to call her over, I ended up having to go into the neighbors yard and finally it registered with her that she had better get her buns back here or face corporal punishment. Naturally, when she came back she wreaked of pig manure. Strike one.

Managing to remain optomistic, I still had my romantic image in mind for myself and my little grumpy bear. “This will make us both feel better. Some fresh air, some time outside together,” lalalalalala into dreamland, despite the now pig manure and vanillaroma scented car, I go. About 3/4 of the way to the orchard, I look in the mommy mirror, and guess what? Little bear cub is asleep. Out like a light. So my romantic trip to the orchard, even though it ended in a perfect apple turnover, (ok TWO apple turnovers), ended up with me leaving Brighton and my poop laden dog in the car while I picked apples up off the ground from the brown leafed, frost bitten tree and eventually chose two medium sized pumpkins that they had picked from the field and were sitting outside the Orchard Store. Bright did eventually wake up and we went inside to pay for our apples and our pumpkins, and we returned to the vehicle with 10 lbs of apples and 2 warm apple turnovers. Right before we headed to Animal Kingdom to give Feebee a much needed bath.

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